Moving Terms

  • Finding the Right  Apartment
    Finding the Right Apartment

    Make sure you find the right apartment that suits your needs! Remember, your the one that will be living there.

  • Landlord and Lease Issues
    Landlord and Lease Issues

    Read the terms of the lease carefully before signing to avoid any problems with the lease. In any case we will resolve any concerns accordingly.

  • Moving & Settling In
    Moving & Settling In

    You can move in any day you choose, but in order to move in all paperwork and money must be resolved before moving in.

  • Roommates & Neighbors
    Roommates & Neighbors

    Know who you will live with before signing a joint lease, and notify us as soon as possible to resolve any bad neighbors!


Lease and Security Deposit Terms (call and ask for more detail)

  • 1 Security Deposit

    The security deposit amount must be paid before or at the signing of the lease. You will not be able to move in until the security deposit is paid. The security deposit will be held during the duration of your lease and will be returned to the lease holder in the event there are no damages to the unit occupied during the duration of the lease. At the end of the lease, the security deposit may not be used to pay last months rent. If there are damages you are liable and may be liable for any damages exceeding the amount of the security deposit. Before renewing the lease we need to determine if there are any damages prior to signing a new lease.

  • 2 Inspection

    The unit may or may not be ready for a new resident at the showing. At this point we will walk around and do a quick inspection of any damages or things that need to be fixed or replaced before the resident moves in. Everything will be in working order when the resident moves in and in the event something breaks or needs to be replaced (such as the stove doesnt work, shower leaks etc...) then let us know as soon as possible so we can fix these issues. In the event there is damage to the property ( such as holes in the wall, damaged carpet etc..) after moving in then you will be liable for them.

  • 3 Signing the Lease

     In order to be able to sign the lease and receive the keys to the unit, you must pay the first months rent at this time. Once the lease is signed all the paperwork and money owed will be complete and you can move in that day or any day of your choosing. Please remember that once the first month is paid and the lease is signed then you will be responsible for next months rent wether you chose to move in the day of the signing or the next month. We expect rent to be paid on time and allow a 10 day grace period on late rent. If rent is late by 10 days or more you can be evicted from the unit and the security deposit can be used to pay outstanding balances owed to the landlord if there are no damages to the apartment.

  • 4 Breaking or renewal of lease

    At the end of your lease, we will determine if we will renew the lease after seeing how the unit was treated during your first lease. If we choose not to renew the lease you must be packed and ready to leave when the lease is over. We will send you a new lease with new terms for lease renewal. In the event the lease is broken or not met by the resident, then the resident is liable for all the rent left on the lease in section 1 of the lease and an 8% intrest rate will occur on rent owed. If evicted charges may be applied for lawer fees as well or any fees incountered by us to evict you from the unit.

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